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If you cannot find an answer to your question, please use our contact page to send us a message, or give us a call on +44 (0)1483 500 800.


Q. How do I apply?

A. For all applications go to the Apply Now section. You will then be taken to the relevant application.

Higher Education
All ACM degree and Cert HE courses are now part of the UCAS system and you will be directed to the UCAS website.

Following your UCAS submission all students will be required to attend a live audition / interview at ACM. For performance students this will include an audition, and Production and Business students will be asked to complete a short assessment and demo in advance and then attend an interview.

If you have already registered a UCAS application, or having difficulties with the UCAS process then please speak to a member of the Admissions Team.

Start your ACM Higher Education Application.

Further Education
Following your application submission from the ACM website all students applying for diploma will be required to attend a live audition/ interview. For performance students this will include an audition and interview. Production and Business students will be asked to complete a short assessment in advance and then have an interview. This is also your opportunity to see how ACM runs and find out if the course is right for you.

Start your ACM Further Education Application.

Q. What funding is available to me?

A. Course fees are not currently available online.

Please contact the ACM Student Finance Team on 01483 500 804 for more information. We apologise for any inconvenience. More details regarding ACM current course eligibility for student loans can be found on the HEFCE website –

Q. What equipment will I need for my course?

A. Guitarists and Bassists should bring their instruments as well as their own leads. Vocalists will need to bring their own microphone and leads. Drummers should bring headphones and drum sticks. Production students will need to bring their own headphones and memory sticks to keep production work safe. Tour Production & Management students should provide suitable protective footwear for use in practical sessions.

You will be provided with an ACM programme portfolio, designed by the world-class ACM teaching faculty, containing course notes, assessment details and reference material.

Q. Can I study more than one discipline / instrument?

A. Students can only study one discipline full time. However, there are plenty of extra curricular activities available, and students can attend tutorials in other discipline areas, all of which are available at no additional cost.

Q. Can international students study at ACM?

A. Please note that if you live outside of the EU or EFTA and require a Tier 4 VISA to study in the United Kingdom, we thank you for your interest in ACM but we are unable to accept your application at present for our full time Further Education and Higher Education programmes.

IQ courses at ACM @ Metropolis may be accessible via a Short-term study visa. Please contact the admissions team for further information, or see for visa requirements.

Q. What qualifications do I need for the Diploma course?

A.5 x GCSE’s at A-C grade including Maths and English, or equivalent qualifications (i.e. International Baccalaureate). Students must also show a suitable understanding of the specific discipline they wish to study through the application process.

Q. Are you able to help with accommodation?

A. ACM is located in the heart of Guildford, Surrey with excellent travel connections via road and rail to both London and Portsmouth, as well as the surrounding area. The train station is just a 2 minute walk from ACM and we recommend students get in touch with their local transport hubs to find out more about student and young person discount schemes.

General Information

  • The availability of Student Halls accommodation is limited and is provided on a first come, first served basis.
  • Those with further general accommodation queries should telephone us on 01483 500 800 or email for more information.
  • The accommodation providers above will ask you to sign a contract which lasts for an academic year (September 2015 through July 2016).

Q. ACM UCAS Applications Codes 2016/17

ACM is a member institution of UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).

Please proceed to make your application via their website at where you will find full guidelines on how UCAS works and the deadlines imposed by the service.

See all of ACM’s 2016/17 UCAS Programmes.

UCAS Institution Code: A48
ACM Programmes Taught at the Guildford Campus
BA(Hons) Music Industry Practice (MIP) – The Musician Route:

  • Bass Degree 2 Years K32J | 3 Years G32T
  • Drums Degree 2 Years 42H6 | 3 Years 952W
  • Guitar Degree 2 Years 56Y3 | 3 Years 5G2R
  • Vocals / Singing Degree 2 Years RT5Q | 3 Years J5W8
  • Keyboards Degree 2 Years BGR4 | 3 Years 58W2
  • Brass/Woodwind Degree 2 Years G1A2 | 3 Years 16N8
  • Music & Education (Bass) 2 Years H6P8 | 3 Years A7S4
  • Music & Education (Drums) 2 Years WH15 | 3 Years W31N
  • Music & Education (Guitar) 2 Years WJ15 | 3 Years W351
  • Music & Education (Vocals/Singing) 2 Years W35D | 3 Years W35C
  • Music & Education (Keyboards/Piano) 2 Years W3D5 | 3 Years W3N1
  • Music & Education (Brass/Woodwind) 2 Years 4S7A | 3 Years 8P6H

BA(Hons) Music Industry Practice (MIP) – The Creative Artist Route

  • Music & Creative Artistry (Artist) 2 Years W315 | 3 Years W31M
  • Songwriting & Creative Artistry (Songwriting) 2 Years W381 | 3 Years W380

BA(Hons) Music Industry Practice (MIP) – The Producer Route:

  • Contemporary Music Production Degree 2 Years W374 | 3 Years WH74
  • Electronic Music Production Degree 2 Years WH83 | 3 Years W383
  • Creative Sound Design Degree 2 Years W371 | 3 Years WH71
  • Radio Production Degree 2 Years 561T | 3 Years T561

BA(Hons) Music Industry Practice (MIP) – The Technical Services Route :

  • Live Sound Engineering Degree 2 Years 34LA | 3 Years 12GA
  • Live Sound Engineering Degree 2 Years S2N9 | 3 Years N9S2

BA(Hons) Music Industry Practice (MIP) – The Business and Innovation Route:

  • Music Business & Innovation Degree (Music Manager) 2 Years 34LA | 3 Years 12GA
  • Music Business & Innovation Degree (Entrepreneur) 2 Years W375 | 3 Years WH75
  • Music Business & Innovation Degree (Marketeer) 2 Years W375 | 3 Years WH75
  • Live Event Management Degree 2 Years W375 | 3 Years WH75
  • Music Journalism Degree 2 Years L3A2 | 3 Years 9N2S

ACM Programme Taught at the London (ACM at Metropolis Academy) Campus

  • Commercial Music (Songwriting and Artist Development) Cert HE W382

If you need help at any time with your application or have any queries about the UCAS process then our friendly Admissions team can be contacted within normal office hours. Just call us on 01483 500 800, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or email

Q. How much live performance experience is there?

A. There are many live performance modules as part of the performing courses. There are also ACM live events organised by Industry Link.

Q. What career opportunities are there at ACM?

A. We have an Industry Link Centre that can offer career advice and support. They also organise live performance and networking events. This is the students’ link to the industry.

Q. Is there a facility in place for any educational needs I may have?

A. Yes. ACM has a fantastic team of trained Education Guidance members. Applicants should declare any learning or medical difficulties on their application form, and will have the option to be assisted by this team throughout their course. In addition, ACM has a counselling service, which can be accessed by any student through the Student Relations Team. If students do not wish to discuss issues in person, students will have access to the Student Portal, which is an online communication tool, where you can message staff members.

A member of the Education Guidance team is available today in Rodboro reception.

Q. Can I defer my place when offered?

A. Students can defer their place for one year, once offered a place. This request must be confirmed in writing and sent to the Admissions Team.

Q. The ACM Diploma – 1 Year & Equivalent to 2 x A Levels

What are BTEC Diplomas?

ACM’s BTEC Level 3 Diplomas (BTEC Nationals) are written by the world-wide leader in vocational education, Pearson (formerly Edexcel), under the titles Music and Music Technology.  The Music and Music Technology syllabus provided by Pearson and delivered here at ACM is the same syllabus covered by all other institutions in the UK for these subjects at this level.  On top of the syllabus, we lay the highest quality of ACM teaching and learning matched with an unparalleled student experience, including world-class facilities, a highly regarded teaching faculty made up of working music professionals and Masterclasses from music industry legends.  Equivalent in standard to A levels, they provide specialist knowledge, understanding, skills and qualifications for learners who have a clear line of sight to their future career and are planning to progress through to higher education or employment upon graduation. They’re suitable for students aged 16 and over.  For more information on the BTEC qualification in general, you can visit the Pearson Website.

What Higher Education options are available to students upon completion of their BTEC Diploma at ACM?

Our BTEC Diplomas in Bass, Drums, Guitar, VocalsMusic Technology and Music Business give students the opportunity to obtain 240 UCAS points, which is the equivalent of 2x A grades at A-Level.  This internationally recognised qualification opens doors to studying all kinds of subjects (not just limited to music) at all kinds of Universities, from a Russell Group University in the UK through to specialist institutions the world-over.  These institutions don’t just consider grades, which is why the Further Education Achievement Report we provide each and every one of our students (serving as a record of their extra-curricular achievement and activity, as well as an academic reference) makes ACM a good choice for those wanting to study Music now, whilst keeping their options open for the future.  Of course, as a specialist provider of music industry education, we hope that our Diploma students choose to continue their studies with us here and progress onto one of the many industry-led Degree programmes we offer at ACM.

What about the importance of language, literacy and other kinds of life skills?

Do BTEC Students at ACM purely study Music?

ACM is an esteemed provider of music industry education and we put great effort into ensuring our programmes and courses at all levels generate well-rounded graduates that are suited to continuing education or employment, according to their preference.  That said, aside from the academic, personal and professional skills taught as part of BTEC Programme itself, we support our students by delivering further tuition in language/literacy, mathematics and business studies throughout their time with us.  Study of these non-qualification modules is also documented on the Further Education Achievement Report we provide each and every one of our students (serving as a record of their extra-curricular achievement and activity, as well as an academic reference they can use upon graduation).

Read more about ACM’s Diploma Courses.

Download the Full Time ACM Prospectus 2015/16 PDF to find out more about studying an ACM.

To find out more information about ACM’s Diploma course options for September 2015, get in touch with ACM’s Admissions Team by telephoning 01483 500 841 or emailing

Q. What are ACM’s term dates for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017?

Please head to our Term Dates page here…

Please note that ACM Term dates are subject to change without notice.

Q. Visiting ACM: Traveling to ACM Guildford and parking?

ACM Guildford is located in the centre of Guildford (Surrey), which is also home to Surrey University. Guildford offers excellent transport links to London and the south coast thanks to its main line train connection and close proximity to the A3 and M25 road networks.


Visiting by Rail?

Guildford is on the main rail line between London Waterloo and Portsmouth & Southsea.
Exit Guildford Station on the town side (platform 1 / 2) – ACM is a short 5 minute walk from Guildford Train Station. Visitors should cross the river, walking past Guildford YMCA.

Visiting by Road?

ACM is located in central Guildford, accessible via the A3, the A31 (Farnham Road), the A3100 (Portsmouth Road), the A322 (Woking) and the A281 (Shalford Road). If you are using a Sat Nav please use GU1 4SB as your post code reference.

Parking Information

Disabled visitors are able to park outside ACM’s Rodboro Building using the allocated Blue Badge spaces, however ACM is unable to facilitate public parking bays. It is recommended that visitors take advantage of the many public pay and display car parks close to ACM.

Visitors may also wish to consider the use of Guildford’s local park and ride services, with shuttle buses running between out of town car parks and Guildford town centre.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding your visit to ACM, please get in touch directly via email ( or by telephoning the main switchboard on 01483 500 800 and selecting option one.

Q. Get in Touch with ACM / Metropolis

Details of how to get in touch with The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) are outlined below. Please also be aware that our weekday office hours for our Registry and other student facing services are Monday to Friday – 9am until 5pm. Any other enquiries will be followed up upon receipt by the necessary ACM department.

Contact the Guildford (Surrey) Campus:

The Academy Of Contemporary Music (ACM)
Rodboro Buildings
Bridge Street

General Enquiries via Email –
Main Switchboard – (+44) 0 1483 500 800
ACM Admissions Team – (+44) 01483 500 841

  • Option 1 to speak to ACM Admissions or make a general enquiry.
  • Option 2 to pay your course fees.
  • Option 3 to speak to ACM Student Finance.
  • Option 4 to speak to ACM Industry Link.
  • Option 5 to speak to Marketing.
  • Option 6 for ACM Accounts Payable.

Contact the Chiswick, West London Campus:

Metropolis Studios
The Power House
70 Chiswick High Rd
W4 1SY

General Enquiries via Email –
ACM@Metropolis Contact Telephone – (+44) 0 208 987 7559

Q. Do I need to audition for ACM?

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) is a specialist independent music educator whose curriculum is based around around the development of both theoretical and practical skills.

All applicants (IQ, Diploma, Cert HE and Degree) should therefore expect to be invited to an ACM Experience Day to complete a skills test, live group audition and/or interview with a member of the ACM Application Assessment Team.

Once you have submitted your UCAS (HE) / Part 1 application form (FE), The Admissions team will send you the assessment criteria so that you can prepare. They will then be in touch with you to book your audition/ interview in.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding an ACM application, audition and/or interview should be directed to ACM’s Admissions Team who can be contacted directly via email ( or by telephoning the main switchboard on 01483 500 841 and selecting option 1.

Q. How are the ACM courses / programmes structured?

On commencement of full time study at The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), all students will receive and have ongoing access (via the FREE MyACM mobile app) to their timetable. The MyACM mobile app will show timetabled contact time for students and will be refreshed by ACM’s Registry Team as and when timetable changes are necessary. This will allow students to know in advance when and where they should be. Here follows a list of units and modules you will study.

ACM FE Students (Diploma // ACM Industry Qualification – IQ)

During your ACM course all FE students should expect to complete, 12 units. Eight of these units are completed between September and March, with a further four units completed between April and July.

Students can expect to attend lectures, seminars and live performance workshops (course dependent) throughout their time at ACM.

ACM Cert HE // Degree Students (Production // Performance // Business)

Over the course of their ACM programme, all HE students should expect to complete, four modules per level at level 6 more detailed modules can be double weighted. Those students studying at Cert HE level will complete Level 4 modules only, while students studying ACM’s two year condensed Degree programme will progress to complete Level 5 and 6.

  • Level 4 modules are completed between September and April (All HE Students)
  • Level 5 modules are completed between April and December (Degree Students Only)
  • Level 6 modules are completed between January and July (Degree Students Only)

Students can expect to attend lectures, seminars and live performance workshops (programme dependent) throughout their time at ACM.

In addition, each week ALL full time ACM students will have the opportunity to boost their contact hours through one-to-one tutorial slots, room / facilities bookings (both via ACM’s FREE MyACM mobile app) and through the attendance of extra curricular workshops, masterclasses and other enhancement sessions. Information about how to access these additional opportunities will be made available via the MyACM App.

All new students will receive a training session at the beginning of the new academic year as to how to access MyACM and keep up to date with news, event and opportunities.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding the ACM education contact hours please get in touch with the ACM Admissions Team directly via email ( or by telephoning the main switchboard on 01483 500 800 and selecting option 1.

Q. How do I pay my ACM fees / Contacting ACM Student Finance?

Tuition fees and other necessary payments to The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) can be made via a number of means, including:

  • By telephoning ACM’s Student Finance Team (Option 3 from the main switchboard 01483 500 800).
  • By visiting the ACM Student Finance office in person – located at the top of Global House, Guildford.
  • Upon enrolment all ACM students will be able to submit their payments securely via MyACM – the FREE ACM mobile app. Navigate to, enter your student credentials to log in, select the ‘Course Fees’ tab and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your payment.

ACM accept the following forms of payment:

  • All major credit card / debit card
  • Standing Order
  • BACS Transfer
  • Cash

All payment options and relevant details needed to complete secure payments to ACM are detailed in your ACM enrolment contract, and upon each and every statement of finance issued to you directly via digital and non-digital format.

Payment Options

ACM believe in education for all and have arranged several programme payment plans in order to spread the cost throughout the year. Upon signing your ACM Student Contract you will be invited to select your ACM payment plan.

Please note that payment plans for 2015/16 intake will be made available soon.

Contact the ACM Student Finance Team

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM)
Rodboro Buildings
Bridge Street

If you have any questions, queries, concerns or would like to speak to the ACM Student Finance team to discuss / confirm your own tuition fees repayment plan, please email the team directly ( or telephone the main switchboard on 01483 500 800 and select option 3.

Q. How do I become a member of the ACM Student Union?

On completing your enrolment to The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), you’ll have the opportunity to become a member of the ACM Student Union. Membership to the ACM Student Union and The National Union of Students (NUS) costs £10. All membership fees will be used by the ACM Student Union to support student societies and activities throughout the academic year. As a member of the ACM Student Union you will also be able to access NUS discounts, special student only events and privileges.

Find out more the National Union of Students (NUS).

About The ACM Student Union

Located less than 100 metres from ACM’s Rodboro Building in Guildford, The Student Union Riverside building is an extension of the ACM campus providing ACM students with a host of exciting facilities including:

  • Affordable, freshly cooked meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Good quality coffee that is half the price of leading coffee shops.
  • A dedicated space for ACM students to host and organise Student Union activities.
  • Wifi, Internet Stations, an acoustic stage, plasma screens, sound system and more!
  • Space to relax before, between and after lectures.

Opened in 2014, The ACM SU (Riverside) facility marks a new chapter at ACM and will give students their own dedicated place to meet, eat and hang out.

Find out more about the ACM Student Union.

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