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Extra Curricular Activities – Pro Workshops are an amazing addition to ACM’s Student Experience. Outside of the regular timetable there is a rich source of Extra Curricular Activities and Pro Workshops open to all ACM students.

Pro Workshops run throughout the ACM academic year with activities being subject to change due to demand, timetabling and external factors – here follows an example of some of the Pro Workshop sessions that can take place which are open to ALL ACM student.

Songwriting Workshop
Need inspiration, assistance or advice with your songwriting skills? Jamie West-Oram’s songwriting workshop is the place to gain guidance with specific songwriting techniques with the view to develop your song material to the highest industry standard. Jamie has over 30 years experience of writing and developing song material in the music industry with major record labels such as RCA and MCA, and includes several top 10 hits in the U.S.A and Canada.

Electronic Mix Doctor
Fancy trying stem / multiple output mixing into a seriously under-rated and recently refurbished Trident desk? Expert advice on stem mixing, overall balance, EQ and Processing tips, using outboard equipment, vocal production, separation techniques and the Final Mix and Mastering of your tracks. So bring your tracks in and lets get tweaking!

Recording Workshop
Are you already familiar with how a recording studio works, and are you looking to gain further experience recording artists and would like a tutor with you to help out if you get stuck? If so, then sign up for this workshop. Groups of 4 students per week will be scheduled in the studio with recording legend Kevan Gallagher. Sign up at Reception (as a group or individual) and we will allocate you a session later in the term.

Mix Forum
Calling all producers, mixers, songwriters and musicians who wish to improve their mixing skills. Bring your own project to work on or if you’re feeling more in the moment just turn up and flex your mixing skills on one of John’s personal production pieces, either way you will get the very best advice and guidance from the legendary John Gallen.

Classic Albums
This ensemble does what it says on the tin. Lead by Adam Pain students will have the chance to recreate and perform live classic recordings from the likes of Queen, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, U2 and Pink Floyd. Pulling out all of the stops with this large ensemble Adam Pain faithfully arranges and leads each momentous classic album performance to the highest standard including choral parts and extended instrumental combinations! This ensemble is open to all and is definitely not an experienced to be missed.

Improv World Tour
Join Frank Tontoh as he guides you on a journey of creativity and improvisation that explores jazz, fusion, funk, Afro-Cuban and Latin. Frank has a wealth of experience working with musicians from a wide range of genres and cultures from Courtney Pine and Don Blackman to Incognito and Fania All Stars, so this workshop offers the chance to hone your improvisation skills in a variety of exciting styles.

Soul Workshop
These sessions are for students (not beginner singers) with a dedicated passion for soul. Focusing on singing in a practical and expressive way involving improvisation, licks, scatting, phrasing and A cappella harmony work. Plus a study of soulful music from blues & jazz to funk & neo soul including artist case studies.

Metal Workshop
Warning! It might get loud! Bang your head in the Nicolas Meier Metal Workshop. Each week Mr Meier will guide you through essential techniques and approaches in this popular genre. Throughout these sessions you will cover key material from top artists such as Pantera, Yngwie Malmsteen, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Dream Theatre, Sepultura, Whitesnake, Korn plus more. Don’t forget your earplugs!

Theory Godfather
Struggling with music theory? Already an accomplished music theory nut? Need a brush-
up on some music theory concepts? Here is an offer you cannot refuse. Theory Godfather is the ‘Don’ of the ACM modules Practical Musicianship, Songcraft, and Music Theory. No questions are too difficult or too insignificant for the ‘Capo’. Open to all students, this is your chance for assistance, guidance and inspiration with all things that are Music Theory.