Welcome to the Dark Pop world of Diascia (dy-ay-sha). Immerse yourself in an ethereal wonderland of cinematic music, modern beats and raw storytelling. Self healing, self love and mental health are just some of the subjects that feature in her haunting compositions. Inspired by past experiences and the world around her, Diascia is a South African born Artist, Songwriter and Composer based in London.

Influenced by artists such as Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey and Grimes, to name a few, the creative soul has released her debut single, ‘No One’. It has been compared to the likes of Billie Eilish with modern euphoria and catchy choruses. She has just released her second single, ‘Radiant’ that evokes emotions with Indie vibes and dark themes. Not only has she featured on multiple blogs and articles, her music has been played on radio as well as playing an acoustic set at YARP Unplugged Festival and having her debut gig at The Underbelly Hoxton in November.

Expect some stunning surprises from this growing, unique artist as well as many collaborations.

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Friday 11 September 2020




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