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I hope you are all having a good week so far. As always, If you need to catch up from the past, all meeting videos are made available via the Industry Link Panopto – HERE
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The next Metropolis Blue Podcast episode is due to go out tonight at 18:00PM via SoundCloud – HERE. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Adora yet then this latest episode will bring you up to speed on who they are, what the track is all about and how Metropolis Blue has supported them in putting it out this coming Friday!
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Be sure to pre-save it now HERE and if you wanted to get an early taster, be sure to check out the performance they gave last week as part of the livestream hosted by ACM Artist, Sage On The Moøn.
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Details for Friday are as follows –
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We will continue reviewing the progress of each group, leaving time for questions and any pitches or presentations you might have. If you would like to contribute anything to the meeting slides then please send it over to jhayes@acm.ac.uk.

As we will be celebrating the Adora release, It would be good to hear from the artists and their group about the release data so far, what they have planned as final steps for their campaign and an evaluation of any key moments or shortcomings they experienced.

Be sure to follow Adora and Metropolis Blue on all social media channels to find out about all of the latest updates.

New Applications

Thanks to everyone that is continuously reaching out to apply. If you have made an application but haven’t heard back from us yet, we will be in touch this week! If you haven’t submitted an application yet, do not worry! I’ve embedded the form below and I encourage you to signup and attend a meeting.
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From working in an engagement team through to A&R, Management and much more! If you are a creative artist, business focused student or someone who has a skill they would like to learn and/or contribute, then sign up below or head straight to the form.

Event Details


Friday 19 February 2021




Student ID Required.
This event is open to current ACM students, alumni and those enrolled for a course but yet to commence studies.
You will need a Student ID to register but if you are yet to be given one, please contact us by sending an email to events@acm.ac.uk.