Thanks to those who were able to attend the last Metropolis Blue Meeting. If you need to catch up, the video has been made available via the Industry Link Panopto – HERE (Links to an external site.)
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We will be following up from our last meeting, details as follows –

Also don’t forget to submit a pitch if you’re interested in becoming a Campus Point Person!

  • Campus Point Person –
    As Metropolis Blue shall run across each campus, we will need to elect a point person to represent each one. The final decision for each candidate will be determined by student vote. Students who wish to be considered for this role must;

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If you haven’t submitted an application yet, do not worry! I’ve embedded the form below and I encourage you to signup and attend a meeting if you haven’t already.
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From working in an engagement team through to A&R, Management and much more! If you are a creative artist, business focused student or someone who has a skill they would like to contribute then sign up below or head straight to the form (Links to an external site.)

Event Details


Friday 27 November 2020