Our Executive team is not hidden away in some office, they have a presence on all campuses throughout the year and enjoy meeting our students.

Ask our executive team anything about their passions, interests and vision for ACM’s future.

This session is conducted via Zoom. You can download Zoom here. You will need to be logged in to Zoom with your ACM email account to be granted access.

Join URL: https://acm.zoom.us/j/87095344650?pwd=T21VZ1N0bFk4bk9mY2FxZTlqYXpkQT09

Event Details


Monday 14 September 2020




Student ID Required.
This event is open to current ACM students, alumni and those enrolled for a course but yet to commence studies.
You will need a Student ID to register but if you are yet to be given one, please contact us by sending an email to events@acm.ac.uk.