Join us for our online game development taster classes in July! Gain valuable insights, enhance your skills, and learn industry secrets.

Game Jams are one of the most important part of the game design and learning process – the creation of an outcome in a few short days – so please join Paul Clarke – graphics and design tutor, and Mattia Mazzoli – programming and tech tutor, to see a game come together in a few short hours and days. These sessions are a mixture of instructional and interactive: you’ll be learning more about the tools and processes we use at the ACM Games Academy and seeing them in action in the making of a simple game that you can add graphics, effects, design choices, and outcomes to. Most importantly, we hope you’ll end up playing the game versus the teachers of the course to see who is the most competitive 🙂

You can choose to just sit, watch and learn or you can take part in the set activities and email in your work for discussion and to learn how your creations would be marked, what are their strengths and what improvement suggestions would be made to give you a better idea of how to aim for the highest marks in what you do when you join us.


pen, pencil, paper useful. Access to the Internet kind of a basic requirement 🙂 PC helpful for some of the software used. During the sessions, we’ll be using free and easily accessible Windows tools (Krita, 3D Builder and Paint 3D), examining 3DS Max and web tools such as Webchemy and Scult GL.

We’ll also be using Unity as the game creation pathway, so please do download beforehand if you want to follow on with specific led aspects.

Event Details


Thursday 13 July 2023