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Thanks to everyone that was able to attend the Metropolis Blue meeting last week and to those who weren’t able to make it but watched the video on playback.

If you haven’t watched the playback video yet, be sure to catch up! – HERE (Links to an external site.)

We will be following up from our last meeting this week, details as follows –


  • Next Steps
  • Campus Point People
  • A&R Process
  • Mentoring Process
  • Playlists
  • AOB


If you haven’t submitted an application yet, it’s not too late. Be sure to apply via the embedded form below! We want to hear from everybody so let us know about any hidden skills or talents you think could be useful, don’t be shy!

Event Details


Friday 20 November 2020




Student ID Required.
This event is open to current ACM students, alumni and those enrolled for a course but yet to commence studies.
You will need a Student ID to register but if you are yet to be given one, please contact us by sending an email to events@acm.ac.uk.