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ACM has a dedicated, full time, Education Guidance team who provide a range of services for students with dyslexia, specific learning difficulties (SpLD), other disabilities and medical conditions.

The Education Guidance Team aims to provide support to students, parents and guardians in the following areas:

Individual Academic study skills tutorials

These are offered by the Education Guidance Team on a one-to-one-basis. Study skills form effective learning tools and encourage the student to build strategies to support their specific learning difficulty, disability or medical condition. Study skills tutorials can cover reading, research skills, writing, organisation of written work, spelling, grammar, notetaking, time management, revision and examination approaches.

Recommendations will be made for special examination arrangements. Most students with dyslexia, specific learning difficulties or other disabilities are recommended extra time in their diagnostic assessment reports. Other arrangements are usually only put in place in the case of severe difficulties and after consultation with the academic school concerned.

Assessment for the use of a computer in examinations

For most students 25 per cent extra time is the appropriate special examination arrangement. Occasionally the use of a computer is permitted, particularly for those students with significant handwriting difficulties. It is vital that students with specific learning difficulties or other disabilities are not given an undue advantage so the use of a computer is only recommended when absolutely necessary. Usually evidence in the form of a recommendation from a diagnostic report will be required.


Education Guidance tutors can assist students to plan their coursework and meet their deadlines. Education Guidance tutors can introduce students to a range of assistive software programs to help them with planning, proof reading and notetaking.

Application for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

If the student is eligible for a DSA and studying on the Cert HE or Degree courses, he/she will be encouraged to apply. The student will need to apply to Student Finance England if they are starting a new course of study. Forms and information can be found at and help with the application process can be obtained from the Education Guidance Team.

If you have a question or would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Education Guidance Team.

What to do next

Drop in: to the Education Guidance Centre in Global House to speak to Fiona or Helen
Phone: 01483 501211
Email: /

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