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The Education Administration Team are the people to see particularly for any Exam or Attendance related queries. They are central to the daily running of the school and work very closely with the tutors, the school managers and student relations to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

The Education Administration Supervisor, Kerri Hall, can be contacted by emailing or calling 01483 500 820.

The Education Administration Team oversee the administrative process of things like:

  • Exams (Exam Prep, Hand In Day, Results, Re-sits, etc)
  • Attendance
  • Distribution of Course Notes, Assessment Briefs, Lecture Material, Exam Material etc. (in class and on the Student Portal)
  • References
  • Student Rep Elections

Kerri and the team are the right people to call if you have queries on:

  • Exams Results
  • Certificates
  • Re-sits
  • Exam Timetabling
  • Submission Deadlines
  • Reference Requests
  • Attendance

Kerri Hall, Education Administration Supervisor
tel: 01483 500820