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Dyscalculia is an individual’s difficulty in conceptualising numbers, number relationships, outcomes of numerical operations and estimation. This difficulty can occur at a concrete or abstract level, therefore an ACM student with dyscalculia may discover problems understanding music theory terminology, including note values, time signatures and other related keyboard skills.

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How can ACM Education Guidance help with Dyscalculia?

We will ensure that you get any access arrangements to which you are entitled.
Using the recommendations from your diagnostic assessment as a guide, we can offer 1:1 tutorials that help you:

  • Access all the theory tutorials and masterclasses that are available.
  • Develop strategies for memorisation of the rules of music theory.
  • Become proficient in use of transcription software.

What to do next

Drop in: to the Education Guidance Centre in Global House to speak to Fiona or Helen
Phone: 01483 501211
Email: /

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