This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

All current Diploma and Higher Diploma students will have recently received the DISCOUNTED PRIORITY OFFER for the Degree programme, which will give you a £150 reduction in your course fees, as long as your offer letter and £350 deposit is returned to ACM before March 1st.

Please note, any deposits returned after this date will be at the £500 rate and subsequently add £150 to your course fees.

“ACM is currently at the forefront of Contemporary Music education and can count its past students amongst some of the biggest names in the industry and its tutors as some of the most experienced, skilled and dedicated of any provider.

ACM’s industry engagement is second to none, its assessment model is unique and its accelerated courses show real innovation and dedication to the needs of both the student and the ever changing face of the industry.”
Nik Preston Director of Education

The last year has seen both freelance musician and artist-focused pathways added to the Performance Degree programme, the Audio Production school will have 3 pathways available to students enrolling onto the Degree programme and the Business school has designed a new, cutting edge Music Business and Innovation Degree. All Degree programmes will be validated by Middlesex University and this will enable initiatives to be put in place to enable Performance, Production and Music Business students to study together and ultimately further their network.

If you have completed an ACM Diploma or Higher Diploma course, you are now eligible to apply for an ACM Degree course, which is validated by Middlesex University. ACM Degree courses are unique in that all Performance, Production and Business degrees are condensed to 2 years, purely by reducing holiday periods, compared to the traditional 3 year degree courses. This means you can get your Degree, invaluable industry experience and ultimately be in the industry a year earlier than other universities.

Alternatively, ACM’s Higher Diploma course, which is also validated by Middlesex University, offers you the chance to further develop your Performance, Production or Music Business skills for just one year and leave with a Certificate of Higher Education. At the end of that course, you will also have the option of enrolling onto the second level the Degree programme if you wish to do so and graduate in summer 2015.

Please note ACM’s Higher Diploma course is now delivered at exactly the same academic level as the first level of the degree course.

If you have not yet received a personal email through the student portal or been handed a letter explaining your options and detailing this offer then you should call ACM’s Admissions Team on 01483 500800 or email

Terms & Conditions:
You are required to pass your current ACM programme within the allocated time outlined in the student handbook. You will also need to ensure an acceptable level of achievement in modules relevant to your chosen study path. Your attendance and general attitude to studying at ACM are also taken into account. In all instances, progression is at the discretion of ACM. The fees for the previous year’s course must be paid in full before you can progress onto the new year of study or commence a new course.