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Choosing to study at ACM, The Academy of contemporary Music is a huge opportunity to not only kickstart your career in the music industry, but also a chance to experience life away from home.

ACM is situated in Guildford, Surrey and is perfectly placed for music industry professionals and artists due to its enviable proximity to London, excellent travel links, fantastic shopping and vibrant nightlife.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what ACM students have to say about living, studying and socialising at ACM in Guildford.

Tom Haughton – Music Business Degree Year 1- ACM Performance School Drum Degree Student
Although I had been attending ACM for the last two academic years, the nerves and anticipation of the first day were still present. Walking into a classroom getting that first glimpse of the other students that I would be working alongside for the next two years. Then come the introductions from the tutors in their respective lessons. It is the perfect opportunity for them to prove why they are the right people to teach you; they give you an introduction into their own careers. This gains the respect of students immediately, increasing eagerness to learn and milk every piece of knowledge they can.

Then comes your turn to introduce yourself and say why you are doing the course, what your past experience is, and where your ambitions lie. This is a chance to assess the people you will be working with on group projects, noting individuals that aren’t just talking the talk, but have passion in their voice whilst speaking about prospective careers. First impressions are key here, because of the reputation ACM has within the music industry, a few of the people you are sat with may end up in very reputable jobs and later in life may require someone for a job, or be asked to recommend an individual for a particular role; that person could be you!

Students are told about previous opportunities, including who has taken them up and who has made an impact. These success stories are a confidence boost to you as a student because, someone in your shoes doing exactly what you are doing has flourished and been offered opportunities to further themselves. This again could be you!

You will be notified and encouraged to attend networking events taking place in the week or two after your induction, and this is what most students attending university would refer to as freshers week, BUT these come with a difference. The events give you an opportunity to meet other students in different years and different disciplines, you may meet the next major pop star, or the next in demand session guitarist, or even the future head of a major record label. Another thing to note is that your tutors will be attending these events too, so it’s a good way to get yourself noticed; talk to everyone you possibly can. I don’t mean pester tutors, but just let them know who you are and what you are about. Within your first few weeks, the hard work you put in will stand out and be noticed. Something that was said to us during a masterclass (see below) was that if someone has the right voice, it will be spotted. This can apply to all aspects of working within the industry and life. If you show that willingness to achieve and progress, your tutors will notice this!

Masterclasses! These are a fantastic opportunity to learn from key individuals that work within the industry, and more often than not, these individuals are of the highest calibre with huge roles at the biggest and best music businesses. As a business student you can expectsomeone most weeks to be taking a masterclass. This academic year alone we have had the pleasure of talking to Dave Vitty (better known as Comedy Dave on the Chris Moyles show) and Kim Mayzell (responsible for bringing house to the UK), to name just a few.

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