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Danny Bowes is best known as the frontman of ’80s rock sensation Thunder and has spent many years on the world touring during the late eighties and early nineties, giving Danny a wealth of experience of music’s highs and lows.

ACM was pleased to welcome Danny to deliver two exclusive vocal class sessions and an extra special Vocal Masterclass on Wednesday 16th May.

Kicking off with ‘She’s So Fine’ – taken from Thunder’s first album ‘Backstreet Symphony’ – Danny showed students why he has become one the world’s most iconic vocalists. Speaking with ACM Fellow Jono McNeil, Danny spoke about the lessons the band learned from getting signed to Sony, its impact on their early career and the resulting success after being signed by EMI.

During the hour and a half masterclass session Danny spoke about his time in Thunder, life on the road and what it takes to make it as a vocalist within todays music scene.

Danny also commented on the challenges he faced being both the band’s voice on stage as well as their voice in the business world having been managing Thunder for 15 years.

“It was a natural progression really – I got to the point where I knew more than the manager and it just felt natural to take on the role.”
Danny Bowes Thunder

Earlier in the day Danny had spent time with two of ACM’s vocal classes listing, mentoring and sharing his experience with the students – some of whom chose to sing some of Thunder’s classic hits even adding their own unique twists!

ACM would like to thank Danny for taking time out visit the Guildford campus and for the words of advice and support he gave to all our students.

Find out more about Danny Bowles and Thunder from their website