Learn how to become a leading backline technician and achieve professional excellence at any live event, navigate the stress of a high-pressure environment and be show ready, on time, every time.

Starting with the practical skills required on a modern concert stage, from coiling cables, spiking, striking, and patching to following stage plots and channel lists.  This specialist route will provide the student with knowledge of current industry standard backline equipment, including their correct functioning and maintenance. We will examine techniques used in both the studio and live touring to achieve the best professional outcomes.

The course will then deepen knowledge in areas such as workshop and maintenance skills. Working with tools from basic screwdrivers to 3D printers and working in Maker-spaces and warehouse environments we will explore equipment repair and maintenance. Going further with basic electronics, soldering, aesthetic repairs, specialist modification and even instrument design.   We will build our knowledge by working with the vintage instruments and the latest computer technology regularly found on the concert stage.  The contemporary live music concert uses many more technologies to enhance the performance, so this route will lift the lid on Midi, Playback rigs, SPD/MPC, hybrid drums, concert control software, show calling tech and much more

As we move to deepen our understanding further we will delve deeper into the specialist skills required for working on today’s complex stage productions, including more advanced backline techniques, specific instrument tuning and maintenance. We will be developing creative skills to add a professional level of competence to the student’s practice, involving collaborations with musicians and artists.

The cutting-edge concert requires many complex and bespoke solutions to ever-increasing technical and artistic demands such as staging systems and AV components. These systems require the backline technician to have a solid foundation in these creative technologies including the handling of these systems safely and efficiently.  We will also cover the logistical element of backline technologies including hiring, buying, storing, flight cases and transportation of these valuable assets.

The modern concert personnel are usually freelance traders and this route explains how to run your operation financially and in terms of personal development.  We also look into the concept of creating networks, teams, agencies, contacts, and portfolio creation to strategies around career and personal development

Ultimately this course is designed to create the modern live backline technician and will give you the skills needed to step into the industry as a well-rounded practioner, innovator and asset to the industry.

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BA / BSc (Hons) Creative Industries FuturesMCCI Creative Industries Futures

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Middlesex University

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Full time Integrated

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2 Year accelerated delivery
3 Year traditional delivery
Integrated Masters
3 Year accelerated delivery including postgraduate year

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Degree 360
Integrated Masters 540

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Institution A48

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