The new ACM MA or MSc. in Creative Industries Futures (1 year full-time; 2-years part-time)

The Masters has been designed to allow you to graduate with either an arts-based postgraduate degree (MA) or a science-based postgraduate degree (MSc). How you achieve your chosen pathway is a decision taken in consultation with the programme team and your supervisor.

What will I do on the creative Industries Futures Masters programme?

The new ACM Masters in Creative Industries Futures provides you with the creative community that will enable you to articulate your vision for an authentic and sustainable creative career, a commercial or social enterprise or to take a deep dive into an area of interdisciplinary practice that inspires you.

ACM’s creative academics and industry professional coaches on the Masters Programme will challenge and support you to map, integrate and focus your creative, technical or entrepreneurial and leadership skills to fuel your career aspirations and determine the field of your applied research.

You will be able to draw on the distributed knowledge, intelligence and professional experience that exists within the post-graduate community, ACM academics, industry coaches and their networks to shape your future and act as a trailblazer for others.

The ACM creative community has established a practical and solid creative pedagogy through teaching and learning in games development, creative enterprise and, of course, in music creation, production and performance over the last 28 years.

Our aim is to provide you with the essential insight for academic and professional development to Masters’ level and to view the creative industries as a network of networks, in which there are many diverse and exciting connections with opportunities for you to explore.

The Benefits of a Masters Qualification

The Department for Education states that 77% of all working-age postgraduates are in high-skilled employment. Securing a Master’s qualification identifies you as a postgraduate and shows employers that you have the passion, potential, character and commitment required to go the extra mile, excel and lead in your chosen area of work.

We’ve seen a huge shift in the kinds of job vacancies arising during and after the pandemic, and The UK Commission for Employment and Skills predicts that roughly 15% of jobs (that’s 1 in every 7) are likely to need a postgraduate degree by 2022.

Study Options

Your Masters can be achieved in one year through full-time study, or alternatively you can study on a part-time basis and use a mix of on-line, blended and face-to-face learning allowing you to balance your studies with work.

The programme aims to:

  • Enable students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the decision-making and problem-solving skills essential to manage a creative industries project from concept to implementation.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to apply originality, drawing on knowledge in an applied research project which focuses on the interdisciplinary, cross-discipline or discipline specific practice within the programme.
  • Enable students with comprehensive understanding of the techniques for their own applied research as well as how they could further develop it on the doctorate level.
  • Propose and undertake a critical review of the current community challenges informed through relevant knowledge exchange activities and other professional activities.

On completion of your Masters programme you will not only be an industry specialist, you will seek to become an industry leader, influencing the way the industry develops.

How do I register my interest to find out more?

Head to our Apply Page to register your interest in our Masters programme, email or call us on 01483 500 841 to find out more.


The programme is delivered either full time over 1 year or part time over 2 years. For further information about studying part time, please contact

The programme structure for full time study is:

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Application process

You can apply directly to ACM. Once you have completed the initial application form you will be asked to write a personal statement which outlines your proposed idea for your business and career development which will contribute to your research project.

Once you have completed and submitted this you will have an interview with the Programme Leader.

Audition / Interview process

Every applicant will require a 45 minute interview to ensure that this is the right programme for the student and to gain important background information on their applied research interests and their career aspirations.

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Course Details


MA/MSc Creative Industries Futures (Full-time / Part-time) *subject to validation

Awarding Body

Middlesex University

Campus Delivery


1 Year full-time
2 Years part-time

Term Dates

17th January 2022 - There will be induction activities from this date. Delivery of the Masters (full time and part time) commences on the 24th.

Full term dates are available on the Term Dates page

Entry Requirements

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