Dear Prospective Student,

The Christmas period is always a busy time for us here at ACM, as it’s the time at which we receive the majority of our applications from people wanting to study in the next academic year, ahead.

We know that it can sometimes be a quiet time for our prospective students, however.

Where you’ve told us that you’re one of the students who will be thinking about joining us in September, we’ve made an ACM Christmas Celebration Box to keep you busy.

If we have your postal address, we’ve sent you a physical Christmas Celebration Box to arrive through your doorstep, but in the case that we didn’t have your postal address, or in the case that you’d like to regift your box (remember to take out your personalised AAA pass, first!), we’ve made this digital version for you to access, here.

If you want a physical pack the next time we send those things out, the best thing you can do is give us your full address by completing both Part 1 and Part 2 of our Application process.

Your Christmas Celebration Box contains several competitions for you to complete before Christmas, some things to keep you occupied over the Christmas period, and an Access All Areas pass that will carry on delivering exclusive opportunities for you with ACM, long into the new year.

The Learner ID and myACM Access details you need to fully engage with everything inside this Christmas Celebration Box can be found as follows:

  1. Your Learner ID can be found within the Email we’ve sent you AND on the address label of your physical Christmas Celebration Box, if you’ve been sent one.
  2. Your myACM Access details can be found within the Email we’ve sent you AND printed on your personalised Access All Areas card contained within your physical Christmas Celebration Box, if you’ve been sent one.

Remember, if you’d like to study at ACM in September, it’s super important that you use the holiday period to start the Application Process with us. UCAS Applications for Degree courses must be complete by January 26th 2022 to have the benefit of equal consideration.

Until then, we hope that you enjoy our gift to you this Christmas, the details of which are below, and look forward to you taking your next steps towards the creative industries education you deserve with ACM in 2022.

Merry Christmas from us all at ACM

Start Your September 2022 Application Process Now

Christmas Wrapping Paper Instagram Competition.

Not only is our ACM wrapping paper all that stands between you and the rest of the goodies inside your Christmas Box, but it’s a competition all in itself.

Wrap up a Christmas present in our ACM branded paper and take a creative picture of it looking all nice and festive. Post that picture to your instagram, tagging us @acm_uk in the image and post caption.

In your post caption, also tell us what you’re most looking forward to about a career in the music, gaming or wider creative industries.

In the new year, we’ll choose a winner, who will be able to choose an item from our Nice List (included in your competition box!) as their prize.

We’ve made a Colour and a Black and White version for you, in case you’d like to save some printer ink!

Colour Wrapping Paper B&W Wrapping Paper

This is ACM. Find out everything you need to know about studying with us in our Brochure.

There are lots of places out there that may look like ACM, but how we do what we do here is so very different than anything you’ll find anywhere else. Our This Is ACM brochure explains more.

Once you’ve read the brochure for yourself, maybe you could also pass the link on to a family member, friend or school teacher, so that they can learn more about ACM, too?

Download our This Is ACM Brochure

Enrol with us by February 2022 to claim your early enrolment gift from our Nice List!

We don’t want to have to wait until September to get started with your learning journey at ACM. In fact, we like people to enrol for their studies as early as possible so that we can get started as early as possible. If you enrol by the end of February 2022, we’ll reward your early enrolment with a gift from our Nice List. Your job is easy.

  • Start your application for your chosen course at
  • Follow the process through to successfully complete your audition/interview.
  • Accept your course offer by the end of February 2022.

You’ll then be able to choose a gift from our Nice List and we’ll send it to you upon joining us for studies.

View Nice List Apply Now

Bring Your Bestie

Got a friend who is also into their music, gaming and/or creativity? Then tell them all about ACM, and if they enrol with us too, you’ll both get a gift of your choice from…you guessed it, The Nice List, upon joining.

All they need to do is provide us with your Learner ID as their referral code on the Apply page, when applying.

View Nice List Apply Now

Metropolis VIP Invite

Celebrating 30 glorious years in music, the legendary Metropolis Studios is part of ACM’s family group and is situated in Chiswick, London.

Steeped in rich musical history, Metropolis boasts a client list that includes the likes of Little Mix, Clean Bandit, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Madonna, Kylie, Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, Usher, Adele, The Clash, Jimmy Page, Rihanna, Queen, Drake, Stormzy and Burna Boy, to name but a few.

Thanks to our common ownership, ACM students get an unparalleled level of access to this unique recording environment, but we don’t want you to have to wait until September to find out what life at Metropolis is like.

That’s why we’re inviting you to see what goes on behind its doors on an access-all-areas basis.

For a unique opportunity to tour the studio, experience a masterclass from our Grammy award-winning team and meet current and prospective ACM students alike, we hope that you’ll join us and accept our invitation. To register, you’ll need the Learner ID we’ve provided to you as part of this pack.

View upcoming dates below

Open Day Invite

With three campuses in Birmingham, Guildford and London, each with a different vibe for different people, we hope that you’ll come to visit us if you haven’t already.

The whole family’s invited, and you can bring along your friends, too.

Our Open Days offer you the chance to meet ACM’s leadership team in a very special welcome presentation, tour and explore our facilities, meet other current and prospective ACM students, just like you, and allow you the opportunity to find out whether ACM could become your creative home.

View upcoming dates

Your Access All Areas pass is here.

Your personalised AAA pass allows you to behave right now as if you’re already a student at ACM, right now.

Come visit us for some classes. Join some masterclasses. Use some of our world-class facilities. Book a tutorial with one of our amazing tutors. Network with current and prospective students, just like you. Be sure to bring it with you, the next time that you visit us.

Your pass works hand in hand with our mobile app, called myACM. To log in to myACM, head to and log in using the Access All Areas option, using the details we provided to you in your Email and/or in your physical Christmas Celebration Box, if we sent one to you.

You Access All Areas Pass is your invite to join us on campus, whenever you like. Just reach out to our friendly Applicant Advisors on 01483 500 841 to let them know how you’d like to engage, and they’ll be more than glad to help.

If you live further afield from campus, that’s ok, you can also use your pass to engage with us online, too.

More information about the AAA pass and what opportunities it provides access to follows.

Tell Your Teacher Competitions. Over £6,000 of prizes to be won.

We’d LOVE your Music and IT teachers to know more about ACM and the work we do here in education helping people towards careers in the Music, Gaming and wider creative industries. That’s why we’ve created two amazing competitions for you, to encourage you to tell them all about us.

The first gives you opportunity to win over £1,500 of musical equipment for YOU and the SAME for your school, by telling your Music Teacher all about ACM and having them fill in our Teacher Registration form so that we can get in touch with them in the future. They’ll need to provide your Learner ID as part of the form, which you can find in the email we sent you, or on the address label of your physical Christmas Celebration Box. We’ll pick a winner in the new year, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this competition.

The second competition gives you opportunity to win a specialist Alienware Gaming Laptop and the SAME laptop for your school, by telling your IT or Computing Teacher all about ACM and having them fill in our Teacher Registration form so that we can get in touch with them in the future. They’ll need to provide your Learner ID as part of the form, which you can find in the email we sent you, or on the address label of your physical Christmas Celebration Box. We’ll pick a winner in the new year, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this competition.

Download the Postcards to give to your teachers and/or find a link to the Teacher Registration Form, below.

Download Music Teacher Postcard Download IT Teacher Postcard Teacher Registration Form

Happy New Year Card Instagram Competition

Let’s finish as we started, and start as we finished. With another Instagram competition.

Your Happy New Year card from ACM is not just full of our good wishes for the year ahead, but is another Instagram competition in disguise, giving you one more opportunity to win a gift from our Nice List.

Take a New Years Eve selfie of you holding your card (you’ll need to print it out, if you’re relying on the digital version) and looking forward to 2022. Post that picture to your instagram, tagging us @acm_uk in the image and post caption. In your post caption, also tell us what you’re planning on doing next with your application to study at ACM.

Download and Print Happy New Year Card

A message from our Chairman

Although we look back on 2021 as a difficult year for many, we want you to know that this card contains an important message of hope and assurance about 2022 and your future in the creative industries.

The creative industries we love have always moved at an incredible pace, and the last year has delivered no exception. Thankfully, though, ACM prides itself on being at the forefront of all of our industries’ latest developments, and so you as a prospective student, should now rest assured that starting education here with us in September 2022 will teach you how to live a happy life, earning a living from doing something that you love.

After a short period of closure for Christmas from Christmas Eve, everybody here at ACM will be back from Tuesday 4th January and ready to support you once more in your journey towards a career in the creative industries. With a range of Open and Audition Day events in the new year, we can’t wait to see you on campus, and we invite you to keep in touch with us in the meantime over the holidays, through all of the usual channels.

Until we next meet, we send all of our well wishes for a happy and prosperous 2022.

From Kainne Clements (Executive Chairman) and all the team at ACM.