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ACM hosted a unique masterclass for current students on 10th June, from local session musician Chris Eaton. Chris explained the niche market of Slide Guitar.

The masterclass began with performances, demonstrating the use of bottlenecks on various types of guitar, as well as a brief history of this technique quoting such slide heroes as Roy Rogers and Sonny Landreth. Students then had the opportunity to try their hand at this playing style with a rendition of ‘Summertime’ by Gershwin, and in return received ‘Diamond Bottlenecks’ as a donation from Chris.

Check out more videos on Chris on our ACM TV page or through out YouTube Channel.

“I was trying to demonstrate something different, as I believe ‘Slide Guitar’ is the Godfather of modern guitar playing and the kin to the human voice, that’s why I love it.”
Chris Eaton