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There’s no doubt about it… Cheri Lyn is driven to succeed.

Having moved from Germany to study on the Creative Artist Degree at ACM, Cheri has devoted herself to pushing her musical boundaries.

We caught up with the songstress to discuss everything from growing up in a family of musicians to working with acclaimed producer Alan Glass…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

“My name is Cheri Lyn, I am from Germany, studying Creative Artistry. I am a singer, songwriter, guitarist and piano player.

I was born into a family of musicians. My father was one of the founders of “The Flippers” which is the most successful so called “Schlager” bands in Germany. My mother is a singer too and sang for many successful bands.

17038930_1679313519034642_5699664511818270391_o (1)I had my first gig when I was nine years old performing my own songs. Since then, I have always been on stage. I have become a professional session singer in Germany with up to 70 gigs a year, including tours in China and Japan.

Still, I’ve always had a passion for songwriting. When I was 19 I worked with a producer in Germany to write songs for German Broadcast singers (Germany’s Got Talent equivalent) and for an all girls pop band casting. At 22 I became the lead singer of a popular party band and in 2014 we were awarded “Best Party Band of the Year”.

As I wanted to pursue my own career, I decided to move to London last year to study at ACM. I did the Songwriting & Artist Development IQ course before starting the Degree.”

Why did you want to work in the music industry?

“I was born into a family of musicians and couldn’t imagine to doing anything other than music. Although I have a business degree, I have always wanted to be an artist in my own right as well as supporting other artists. For me working with musicians is a magical feeling… they are all so real and emotional. It is always exciting, as everyone has such a strong personality. Creating music and being on stage means I can speak my soul. I need music to be alive.

Also, I am a quite an energetic person and love the dynamic and diversity of the industry, as well as the international opportunities as I love travelling.

Tell us about the projects you’re currently involved with since joining ACM?

Since being at ACM my life has changed. I have a great band around me playing my songs. We gig a lot around the best venues in London; like Notting Hill Arts Club, The Bedford, The Underbelly, we even played a live Set on Radio 107.5FM. We are currently producing three singles and have a big upcoming project to be announced soon…

Further to this, I’ve had the chance to work with Alan Glass. He produced my first single “Sisters With me”. Alan has already been rewarded with gold discs for productions with Aretha Franklin, Caught in the Act and Missteeq!”

“The exclusive partnership ACM has with Metropolis meant I could record one of my singles in Studio A which was an unbelievable experience.”

What are your aspirations for the future?

“My band and I are currently working on a big live show, hoping to tour as much as possible. We all love live music and enjoy being on stage together therefore we want to do some smaller tours around England and my home country Germany. As soon as our singles are ready, we also plan to work with an independent blues labels to help develop us and put out our records.

Apart from my own artist promo, I love writing songs of all kind of genres so also want to do more collaborations and make a career in that as well.”

How are you finding your course so far and what’s your favourite aspect of the course?

“I love my studying. I have been in every campus of ACM so far. Started in Clapham with an IQ for Songwriting and Artist Development. Then I started my degree for Creative Artistry in Guildford and have had the incredible opportunity utilise Metropolis Studios.

The best about the course is to have so many amazing tutors who are all industry professionals. Their experience is incredible and so inspiring for us young artists. Also they provide very constructive feedback which has pushed me forward and driven me to be a better artist.

Apart from that it is great to have that familiar atmosphere… eventhough the college is pretty big, tutors and students really take care of each other. We are so well connected to the industry and get so many incredible opportunities; like workshops, masterclasses, and using Metropolis studios.”

Do you have any advice for those who are hoping to join ACM?

“ACM is probably the only music college, that has such a “real-life” approach. If you really have the passion for music and a talent, you surely will become part of it too.

As I also work as a student ambassador, I always advise potential students and their parents, that; of course, we can’t all become rock stars or the next Adele, but the music industry is huge, there are so many jobs and areas to work in.

My advice for every musician is always to be realistic, be sure about what you want and then work as hard as you can on it. It is always good to develop further skills to succeed in the industry; like management, media, technical services etc.

ACM is very helpful in showing you how to make a sustainable career in the industry.”

Keep up to date with everything Cheri is up to via her website, Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

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