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Having been performing on the professional stage for over a decade, ACM Vocal Tutor Katie Hector has been involved with some of Britain’s biggest soul stars including Incognito, Omar and Jocelyn Brown. Here’s an update from Katie.

Ingnito, Chaka Kahn, Soul and Self
I’m excited to confirm that I am featured on the brand new Incognito album Amplified Soul which is set for release in June 2014. I shall also be touring the new material during the summer throughout Europe, the U.S and Asia; the busiest territories.

The new album has already been released in Japan and has gone to number 1 on the R&B/soul chart and no.10 on the overall iTunes Charts. Bluey the bandleader and songwriter is also planning on writing/co writing a Katie Leone album to be released worldwide which work will commence on soon.

I’m also featured on jazz funk band Down to the bone’ s latest album as guest vocalist, whilst one of the tracks I’ve co written on is currently being played on Jazz FM and all the major soul music stations.

Most excitingly though I’m currently learning alto and soprano parts for upcoming shows with Chaka Khan in May. This is a weeks worth of gigs, including three nights (6 shows) at Ronnie Scott’s and the 50th anniversary of Southport Soul Weekender. I’m literally putting myself into ‘bootcamp’ for this with lots of practice, discipline and vocal focus (including vocal lessons with Kim Chandler, getting my fitness and stamina levels up through physical exercise and good diet-including alcohol abstinence- and also focusing on ear training exercises to help with my harmony skills).

I also hope to have my little soulful house/funk EP out by the end of the summer!

About Incognito
Incognito were originally formed by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick and Paul “Tubbs” Williams in 1979. Both were the original members of the late-’70s disco-funk group Light of the World. Whist Tubbs had been a contributing member of another L.O.T.W. off shot Beggar & Co, Bluey had formed Freeez with Jonny Rocca and Peter Maas, but throughout the time that they worked on other projects they would meet at Bluey’s house in North London to play music in a makeshift bedroom studio, for they both had a musical affinity and an undying love for funky jazz…..

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ACM would like to thank Vocal Tutor Katie Hector for updating us on here exciting projects and wish her well with each.