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The first of two drum labs at ACM’s Guildford campus, the Chad Smith Drum Studio was opened in November 2006 by the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ legendary drummer, who still pays regular visits to the ACM for masterclasses and Q&A sessions with our students. Chad was both delighted and honoured to put his name to the all new drum facility.

“This school is really something rather special because there’s not a lot of these kinds of environments… this is your chance and you’re here because you love music and to get better at your craft…  great place to learn and get into a band.”
Chad Smith Red Hot Chili Peppers

The room is kitted out with 18 Roland TD12 electronic kits, each of which can be fed backing tracks from the tutor’s rack, isolated to the room’s punchy HK PA system or used independently with headphones. An acoustic Mapex kit with its own stage monitor, full band backline including keyboard, mixing desk and studio rack sit at the front of the room on its raised stage area.

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Hung between the acoustic panels on the walls is signed memorabilia donated by Chad, breaking up the futuristic array of metalwork and cabling suspended from the ceiling. Both a highly functional and inspiring space to work, this purpose built facility forms an integral part of our drum tuition.