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ACM Guitar Alumna, Carmen Vandenberg, has fast tracked her career into the music industry by co-writing Jeff Beck’s new album ‘Loud Hailer’.

Wanting to redefine his sound, Jeff Beck drafted in ACM’er Carmen and her band mate Rosie Bones after meeting at Queen Drummer, Roger Taylor’s Birthday party and then seeing BONES perform in London. Beck said in a Rolling Stone article that he wanted to move past his ‘guitar nerd’ albums and that is why he decided to team up with Carmen and Rosie. Producing on the album was former ACM production student, Filippo Cimatti, who worked with Jeff to finalise the album.

“I met Jeff at Roger Taylor’s party. Which was insane because he’s an absolute hero of mine. He came to see my band ‘BONES’ and then asked us to write his album with him. Rosie, Jeff and I wrote it at his house so quickly because it was all so comfortable and natural. Then we got ‘Bones’s’ producer involved Filippo Cimatti (who also went to ACM) who worked with Jeff to finish the job.
To summarize: an incredible experience and can’t wait to go on tour!”
Carmen Vandenberg

The statement album Loud Hailer, to be released July 15th, will contain music from funk to electronic and soul to the blues with a focus on vocal songs. Carmen and Rosie are looking forward to touring the US with Jeff in his band this summer, performing songs from the album.

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