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For many, the thrill of music extends far beyond playing an instrument; it’s about being involved behind the scenes and making a live performance the best it can be, both logistically and technically – this is what underpins ACM’s Tour Production & Management Diploma Course and what continues to drive ACM Alumni Cameron Stewart.

Since graduating from the Tour Production and Management Diploma course in 2011, Cameron Stewart has has been applying the practical and technical skills he honed at ACM, at some of music’s most recognised festival locations and for some of the industries established and rising musical stars – notably Kate Nash and We Are Augustines.

Cameron explains that being on the road – in his words – is an incredible experience, but one that can be quite surreal due to the jobs requirements. He compares life on the road to living in a bubble where you can see the best and worst of everyone around you, but that you learn so much about one another.

Speaking about his time at ACM, Cameron has fond memories and is especially grateful for the lecture content, which he explained has become invaluable during his time on the road.

“Studying at ACM allowed me take my real interest in the technical side of music to another level.”
Cameron Stewart ACM TP & M Alumni

ACM would like to thank Cameron for taking time out from his busy schedule to chat about his time out in the big wide world of tour production and management, and wish him well for the upcoming events he’s involved in.