Location, Services and Transport

College Buildings:

There are seven buildings; The Rodboro Building, Global House, The ADC, The Billings, The Electric Theatre, The YMCA and The Riverside. All buildings are within easy walking distance of each other. Reception and Student Services are located in The Rodboro Building.


Bridge Street is very busy and dangerous. Students must use the pedestrian crossing near The Friary shopping centre, or the underpass near Guildford Station. There is pedestrian access between The Rodboro Building, Global House, The Electric Theatre, The Riverside and the YMCA.

Services and Shops:

ACM is ideally located between the Railway Station and the town centre, with unlimited access to shops, cafes and all main retail outlets. The Riverside is the base for the Student Union and is a cafe with subsidised food and drink.

Vehicle Entrances:

It is possible to drive to the front of The Rodboro Building to drop off/pick up, but not to park.


There are public car parks nearby, but not at ACM. There are three designated disabled bays (Blue Badge) near the front entrance to The Rodboro Building.

Other transport options:

ACM is very close to Guildford Railway station, and the Bus Terminal is situated at The Friary shopping centre.

General Information

Medical Facilities:

ACM has First Aiders on site. Royal Surrey Hospital has an Accident and Emergency Dept, which is 1.7 miles (6 minutes) away. Student Services can provide all students with details of local GP surgeries.

Emergency Procedures:

Fire alarms are tested regularly. The meeting points are clearly marked in each building. In the event of a student having a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, Fire Wardens will have been advised of the necessary procedures.


ACM has a no-food policy in all buildings except The Riverside. All water must be kept in Sports bottles. There are no student lockers but students may request that their instruments and other equipment be stored at Reception when required.

Physical Access

General Accessibility:

  • The Rodboro Building has no steps at the entrance, and a lift to all floors. There is a disabled toilet.
  • Global House can be accessed via a ramp at the front door. Notice must be given to Facilities to put the ramp in place. There is a lift that is accessible from the front entrance. There are steps at the back entrance. Global House has no lecture rooms. There is no disabled toilet.
  • The ADC has a chair lift situate at the front entrance. Wheelchair users would require assistance getting in and out of the chairlift and with having the wheelchair taken upstairs. The back entrance has a ramp to the entrance but request to Facilities needs to be made to have that entrance opened. There is then access to a lift, but with a few steps to the lift. There is a disabled toilet.
  • The Billings has one entrance, and there are two short flights of stairs to access the lift. There is no disabled toilet.
  • The Riverside has a general entrance that has a chair lift. Wheelchair users could access the Riverside through the kitchen which is on one level. There is no disabled toilet.
  • The Electric Theatre has a ramp at its front entrance. There is a disabled toilet.
  • The YMCA has no steps at its entrance and the two ACM rooms (The Creativity Centre and Education Guidance) are on the ground floor. There is a disabled toilet.

Benches and Seating:

  • The Rodboro Building has sofas at Reception.
  • The Billings has benches in the corridors.
  • The Riverside has sofas and chairs.
  • The Electric Theatre has sofas and chairs. It also has outside space with picnic tables and benches.
  • The Creativity Centre has a sofa and chairs.

Visual Impairments

Signs and Wayfinding:

ACM is a small college but the seven sites are not linked. Maps are handed out at Induction.


There is good lighting within and outside buildings. High Viz tape is attached to ends of handrails and wherever requested.