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At ACM, we pride ourselves on giving our students access to the very best industry-standard facilities and equipment out there… and our brand new campus at ACM London is no exception. In fact, some of our kit is so groundbreaking that it’s a world first – ACM London is the very first institution globally to have Native Instruments’ Komplete 11 production suite software installed on all computers… so our students really are in for a hugely unique learning experience.

Spread across three floors, ACM London is the perfect environment for studying music… and it’s jam-packed with state-of-the-art equipment to boot. The ground floor includes a modern reception and common area, as well as two recording studios, a drum/rehearsal room, a mini stage, and a vocals and drum booth for recording or practising.

ACM London Studio 2

The first floor is made up of a large lecture room, which is used for Music Business students and as a guitar teaching space; a bass room; a vocals and songwriting room; tutorial rooms; a 20 iMac Mac suite, all with Audient iD4 interfaces; a post-production and vocal booth; and a library. It also contains a mezzanine level which features a meeting room and staff offices.
Inside the rooms themselves is a whole host of high-tech kit, up there with the best that the music industry has to offer. On top of Komplete 11 Ultimate and keyboards, our Mac suite features software brands including Sonnox, Ableton, Pro Tools 12, Logic X and Melodyne.

The gear in our Studio 1 is just as impressive, with items from the very best music brands, including: an Audient 8024 console, an Antelope Orion 32io interface, Acoustic Energy monitors and sub, and a Yamaha SPX990 processor. It’s even attached to its own live room, which doubles as a rehearsal space and drum room.

ACM London Practise RoomStudio 2 doesn’t disappoint either. It features equipment such as the Digidesign C24, Quested Two-Way Monitors, Lexicon MPX1,  and Behringer T1953 Valve Mic Preamp. Other gear throughout the building includes Alesis Monitor Ones and Samson Power Amplifiers.

We can’t wait for our students to put these new facilities to good use – as we know the result will undoubtedly be amazing!

If you’d like to work with incredible high-tech music equipment like this, why not call our Admissions Team on 01483 500 841 or visit to book a place on an ACM Open Day today.

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