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Brandon Mazumder is a second-year Degree student studying Vocals at ACM Guildford.

Under the guise of Bran Mazz, Brandon released his debut single ‘Wrapped Up’ in September 2016, which gained significant momentum across Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and followed this up with the release of his second single ‘When I’m Alone’ in February 2017.

Since then Bran has been busy gigging with his band through various venues in and around London, showcasing brand new material, with his live set being described as “High, energetic fun along with amazing showmanship and musicality.”

Last week, we had the pleasure of catching up with the 20-year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist:

Bran, you’ve got some serious groove! Where does this influence stem from?

Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake.

Nice! What’s happening in the world of Bran Mazz right now?

I’m currently writing and recording in the studio ready to release a 5-track EP, which will be coming out soon.

I hear one instrument isn’t enough for you…

Yeah, I play Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar and Sing. When writing the songs / creating the demos I usually play all the instruments so the musicians get the vibe and know what to play when recording in the studio. I generally play the keyboard and synth lines myself as well on the actual recordings.

How does that work logically from a writing perspective. How do you build the track?

I normally start a track from the bare bones of chords, melody and lyrics. Once I have a clear idea of structure, I’ll build upon that with how I think the song sounds best.

How’s ACM treating you?

I came to ACM to make myself a stronger singer and songwriter and I believe that being here has definitely aided my progression.

So, let’s talk #lifegoals. If you could click your fingers and make anything happen for your music career right now, what would it be?

Ideally I just want to travel with my music and hopefully others will enjoy my music as much as I enjoy creating it!

What do you have in store for the rest of 2017?

Gigs, cool new music, collaborative writing with new people… I’ll be moving to London in a few months once my dissertation is finished, which is exciting.

Awesome. Where can we find you online?

Find me on all social media platforms just search Bran Mazz or click a link below…

Website | InstagramFacebookTwitter | YouTube

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