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After graduating from ACM’s Audio Production School in 2011, where he completed the Higher Diploma and Production Degree, Ben Taylor joined British songwriting and production team Xenomania and has worked on some amazing new music projects. ACM caught up with Ben to talk about the time he spent at ACM and Xenomania.

What motivated you to come and study at ACM?
I started as a musician mainly, being in school bands. I started on Bass, then moving to guitar, and then drums, but I use to do all the recording for each of these bands. At this point I had no idea you could study music production at University, so it remained just a hobby.

One day I had a phone call from a friend who asked if I could take him to an Open Day at ACM for the Higher Diploma Guitar course, so I agreed and went in with him. It was during the course of this visit I realised that ACM would give me the opportunity to study what I still counted as a hobby! By the end of the day I was really inspired by the ACM Production course. It looked amazing so I decided to apply and enrolled.

What was the best part about studying at ACM?
The best part about studying at ACM is the combination of studio time, the lecturers and the Business and Artist Development Centre. Being able to learn and practice engineering/production techniques on good studio equipment and being taught by lecturers that really know the music industry is invaluable. On top of that, having the BDC being able to put you in-front of the right people in the industry to showcase your developed skills is just unreal!

Tell us about what you’ve been up to since leaving ACM?
Since leaving ACM I have joined the Pop songwriting group Xenomania as a recording engineer. It’s been pretty full on with the hours so all of my time is spent there! My role within the company is predominantly vocal recording and processing, this would be for artists/bands/writers that come into the studio. I may also be stemming/prepping sessions for Mix engineers, setting up studios for programmers/writers, or prepping rehearsal/live projects for band practices and gigs.

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Who have you been working with?
Since starting with Xeno I’ve had engineering credits with people like Girls Aloud, Rebecca Ferguson, The Saturdays, Little Mix, the Wanted and Amelia Lily.

What’s been your proudest moment/career highlights so far?
There have been some particularly great moments so far. Within a couple of months of starting full time with Xenomania I spent a month in America for the Gossip Album. Then more recently I was able to spend a few days in Abbey Road Studio 2, which was pretty cool!

So what’s on the horizon for 2013?
2013 is going to be very busy within Xenomania, and with recent Number 2’s and 3’s in the charts, hopefully a Number 1 is close!

Do you have any advice or tips for our current ACM students?
Make the most of opportunities that come up (through the BDC) even if its not linked to what you want to do. I started really getting to know a lot of people after working at Beach Break. Also don’t be scared to try something different; I came to ACM as a big Metal fan, now I couldn’t be happier working in the pop music industry!

ACM would like to thank Ben Taylor for taking time out from his busy schedule to update us on his progress and wish him the very best of luck for his forthcoming 2013 projects.

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