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How to become a video game developer: Anyone can do it!

06 Aug 2018

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Have you ever wondered how a video game is made, and who are the makers?

Good ol’ Auntie Beeb recently peeked behind the scenes of the gaming world with a look at the increasing accessibility of learning how to become a video game developer and shone a light on the new pathways to working in the games industry. The perception has commonly been that only hardcore gaming geeks and big corporations churned out the video games, but in actuality there is an increasing diversity in video games creation with people from different backgrounds now taking it up and the growth of independent creators.

Video gaming has become a mainstream multi-million pound industry and is now the biggest entertainment industry, outselling even movies and music. With it’s increasing popularity the path to becoming a video games creator has become easier for all, something that has rung a bell with us here at ACM! We’ve expanded our education options to include a Gaming Development Course.

As the BBC rightly points out, you don’t even necessarily have to be a hardcore gamer as long as you have the aptitude and transferable characteristics of a designer or developer, be it creativity or the ability to analyse a problem. In fact it’s even stated that not coming from a hardcore gaming background might actually be beneficial as it may mean you’re able to make something completely new. As with all creative industries, originality and uniqueness is valued in the world of gaming.

With the growth of online groups, creators can find like minded people so they’re not working in isolation, the mystique behind video game creation is disappearing and the world is beginning to realise it’s a creative discipline just like any other.

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