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Beat Magazine has released Assault, an epic collection of free leads, bass patches, sound effects and pads for the freeware Zampler RX sampler instrument.

Zampler RX is, along with Sforzando, my favorite virtual instrument for playing SFZ libraries. Although Plogue’s excellent Sforzando supports customizable user interface scripts which can lead to some really impressive results, Zampler RX has a range of useful control parameters built-in, making it easier to use out of the box. As of last year, Zampler RX also supports 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and it should go 64-bit on Mac OS as well, in not too distant future.

Beat Magazine has been releasing free Zampler sound libraries from quite some time now, and this latest release is easily the most epic one so far. Assault is packed with high quality multi-sampled content for electronic musicians, featuring 112 SFZ patches and over 1,400 WAV samples in total. All of the patches are neatly sorted into a FXB bank which can be loaded directly in Zampler RX, however you can also use these sounds in any other SFZ and WAV compatible sampler on the market.

The included sounds are sorted into seven categories: synths, keys, bass, pads, sound effects, drums and leads. Every patch contains thirteen sampled notes across five octaves. One really cool thing about the library is that all the patches come with pre-defined modulation assignments and FX settings, so they’re 100% ready to use without any additional setup on the user’s part. Needless to say, even though the included presets sound excellent, you can always tweak them further to your liking using Zampler’s built-in controls, as well as the excellent modulation matrix and sound effects. There’s a lot of variety in the Assault sound bank, although most of these sounds will clearly work best in electronic music genres like techno, trance, house, dubstep, etc.

The library is hosted on Beat Magazine’s Facebook page, however you don’t need to own a Facebook account in order to download it. Simply visit the Facebook page linked below and click the download link to grab your free copy of Zampler Assault.


Assault is available for free download via Beat Magazine’s Facebook page (1.7 GB download size, RAR archive, contains 112 SFZ patches, 16 RX2 patches, 1,456 audio samples in WAV format).