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ACM Alumni Linda Harrison is to release a new record titled ‘Be With You’ in aid of the NSPCC on 17th December.

In the lead up to the 17th December worldwide release, Linda is promoting ‘Be With You’ via her ever-growing social media fan base to highlight the continuing travesty of child cruelty. Christmas can be one of the un-happiest times of the those who suffer abuse and Linda aims to keep the issue in the spotlight and raise much needed funds for the NSPCC through sales of the new single ‘Be With You’.

“The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is such an important charity, I really hope you will team together with me on this and help to show our struggling young people that we want to make a change for them.”
Linda Harrison On ‘Be With You’

At 16, Linda joined ACM, The Academy of Contemporary Music and moved from Edinburgh to Guildford, where the surrounding faculty helped her to realise the significance of her growing YouTube success and develop her songwriting and onstage performance prowess. Since graduating from ACM in 2011, Linda has embarked a life-changing trip to LA and South By Southwest’s music festival (Austin Texas) where she met Ellie Goulding, Linda Perry, Perez Hilton. and had a writing session with ex-Phantom Planet guitarist Jacques Brautbar that changed her music.

“Linda is a wonderful story of talent meets total dedication. She is uncompromising in all aspects of her craft and maintains a commitment to growing her career by her own rules. She came to ACM at 16 having moved down from Edinburgh on her own and from day one maximised everything that ACM had to offer.”
Julia Leggett ACM CEO

Now living in London, Linda continues to produce new material focusing on promoting her new singles. ‘Be With You’ is available on general release from 17th December, but if you are in the UK you can pre-order it by texting TRACK NSPCC to 80818 (texts cost £1, UK only). ‘Be With You’ will also be available to download internationally via iTunes worldwide on 17th December.

For more information about Linda Harrison visit her website or follow her on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.