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Barney Warner is a Music Production student currently in his first year of the Level 3 Production Diploma, who goes by the stage alias of Nimda.

Having just secured a work placement at Guildford’s local radio station, Kane FM, we felt it a good time to catch up with Barney and find out a little more about what his role at the station involves, and what more we can expect from Nimda in 2017!

Hi Barney! We’ve heard you’re on Kane FM 103.7. Tell us how that came about…

Over Summer 2016, I did an Arts Award at Kane FM studios where I learned to mix live on air. While I was there I became good friends with one of the DJs and ended up helping out on his show for a few weeks. As I got more familiar with how to run a show, they gave me the chance to host my own show.

What are your roles at the station?

I just have to get there, set up my equipment, play my show and make sure that the next DJ sets up on time. I also have to read out any upcoming events on air to promote local venues such as The Boileroom (quite a common one).

Is this the first step to getting into Radio as a career move?

I would love to have a career in radio but I feel like if I advanced to any other radio stations, the role of working there would not be as laid back as it is at Kane. I feel that I really enjoy working for Kane as more of a hobby rather than a responsibility.

Loving it?

It’s been great so far, I’ve been met with tons of opportunities. The best bit is being surrounded by musicians who are there to support and critique each other. It’s amazing to have so many people who may not personally like your music (based on their opinion) but they will still support it and appreciate it.

So, what about your music, how’s that going?

Things have been going very well this year, I’m not sure why but things have just been picking up for my alias “Nimda”. I have recently found a manager who wants to manage me, I was really happy with this because he also manages other producers who I aspire to be like. Just last week I agreed to sign to a label that I have known for a while. I should be releasing an EP with them some time soon.

Amazing! Thanks for your time Barney!

At ACM we always encourage our students to actively engage with the music industry while they’re studying, so we’re very proud to see Barney getting his career off to such a strong start, and we can’t help but feel that Nimda will be one to watch for 2017!

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