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A more advanced course to develop the skills for performing with other like-minded musicians.

  • Saturday 09:45am – 11:45am
  • 10 Week Course £248
  • Terms Starts: 15th September 2018 / 12th January 2019 / 11th May 2019
  • 12-18yrs
  • Guitar, Bass, Drums & Vocals
  • Campus: Guildford

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You will work on 3-4 songs during the 10 week term and be shown how to play and sing each part, as well as working on the technical development and stagecraft. The songs chosen will be more challenging, having more technical content such as guitar solos or more syncopated drum parts. Stagecraft and presentation are an important part of this course.

The objective: perform onstage in a band to the public at the end of term. This is a fun course designed to build and boost confidence as a performer, whilst working on personal development within your chosen instrument.

New songs are chosen each term making the course repeatable. Students tend to stay on Band Skills Advanced until ready to move forward in to the next, more in depth course, Band Academy.

Guitarists will need an electric guitar, strap, lead and tuner
Bassists will need and bass guitar, strap ,lead and tuner
Drummers will need sticks and headphones