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ACM’s fantastic Band Academy course offers a unique insight into the music industry, allowing students the opportunity to learn the skills required to ‘get the gig’.

All bands will experience what it is like to work with a musical director to gain the most from their performances. There are also regular stagecraft sessions with constructive feedback at all times.

  • Saturday 11:00am – 14:00pm
  • 10 Week Course  £279
  • Terms Starts: 15th September 2018 / 12th January 2019 / 11th May 2019
  • 14+ yrs
  • Guitar, Bass, Drums & Vocals
  • Campus: Guildford

Those who successfully complete Band Academy are ideally suited to progress onto the ACM full time Diploma course.

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Band Academy is the most comprehensive part time course at ACM, providing a strong focus on band performance and musicianship.

You will study practical live performance techniques, in conjunction with professional musicians in a supportive environment.

You will be selected into tutor groups and will spend your 10 weeks working with that tutor on how to gain the most from your playing, performance and communication skills.

You will work on 3-5 songs per term and be guided through all the parts and skills needed to be able to play them, as well as working on communication, performance and stagecraft skills. Some time will also be spent working without a tutor in a band situation in order to practice vital communication skills. The end goal of Band Academy is to get all musicians up to standard to perform in an end of term concert to the public.

Band Academy gives practical real-world advice on a variety of areas including:

  • Getting the right sound from your amplifier or drum set and how to use it correctly
  • Instrument choice and maintenance
  • Effective communication with other musicians
  • How to play the right parts for every song
  • Good vocal health and good practice
  • Basic Music theory
  • Developing good practice routines
  • Ear Training
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Basic sight reading
  • Reading tab and making charts

Guitarists will need an electric guitar, strap, lead and tuner
Bassists will need and bass guitar, strap ,lead and tuner
Drummers will need sticks and headphones