Audiotube announced as ACM’s official distribution partner

25 Sep 2017

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We have partnered with fair trade distribution pioneer Audiotube to offer our entire student body exclusive access to their distribution platform.

Artists, musicians, producers, writers and all other students at ACM will now be able to distribute their music to the industry’s top download and streaming services, as well as benefitting from Audiotube’s royalty collection and analytics services, free of charge for the duration of their course.

“ACM is a powerhouse of creativity. With a network of over 13,000 graduates and 2,000 current students, our classrooms, studios and performance spaces regularly play host to fresh new sounds. It’s incredibly exciting, therefore, to be able to work with Audiotube on a solution that allows our student body to share their creativity with the wider world.”
Oliver Sussat, Director, ACM

We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled and immersive music industry education. With real-world experience at the heart of our ethos, we are thrilled to work with partners such as Audiotube and Metropolis Studios to add real-world context to our courses. By working with these industry partners, our students gain a qualification, first-hand knowledge direct from the industry, and the experience needed to secure long-lasting and sustainable employment in the music industry.

“Audiotube is very excited to be partnering with the Academy of Contemporary Music on this initiative. ACM does a great job at preparing their artists for the cut and thrust of the music business and distribution is a key pillar in the sector, ensuring that their creative work is not lost in a rapidly changing landscape. Distribution is where content enters the ecosystem. To be in a position to provide fair trade distribution to young artists is a great place to be. These young artists will become the mainstream artists of tomorrow and getting them used to total transparency along the value chain will lead to them championing fair trade ethos as they build out their careers in all areas of the sector. More importantly, it will enable them to see where these fair trade practises are not being used and should be a good warning signal to stay away.”
Scott de Mercado, Audiotube CEO

About Audiotube

Audiotube delivers “fair trade” digital music distribution. They put content owners first, and provide affordable, accountable, efficient and transparent solutions for distribution, marketing and monetisation. Their all-in-one Content Management System (CMS) meets every need: Host, manage, distribute, promote and monetise content with easy-to-use features ensuring maximum impact with minimum effort.

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