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Our Audient Studio is another space which is provided for the sole purpose of being booked for student projects, giving access to a dedicated, professional quality recording / mixing facility to work on tracks, compositions and coursework.

The studio is centered around an Audient ASP 8024 console, which is a high-end 24 channel large format mixing desk with a pristine signal path and some great EQs, summing and compression. This is a powerful, flexible and intuitive console from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, and gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience on it’s advanced routing capabilities and to learn techniques which can be applied in any professional studio.

To complement the desk, the control room has two 19″ rack units packed with outboard signal processors, reverb and fx units, a two way camera system to the acoustically treated live booth and a patchbay.

Monitoring is dealt with by KRK 6″ mid / nearfields and a second set of Yamaha nearfields. As with all our studios, recording is handled by an Apple Mac running Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live amongst a wealth of other applications.

Alongside our other Audio Production and CSD facilities, the Audient Studio gives ACM students the tools they need to gain experience working in a professional studio.