Artist Spotlight: ACM Student LaMont – Pride Month Special

28 Jun 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

To celebrate Pride Month, we had the pleasure of speaking with ACM Student and Pride’s Got Talent Winner, LaMont, about the LGBT community, his ACM course and more!


1) What does the LGBT community mean to you?

To me, the LGBT community means: all inclusivity, acceptance and diversity to an incomparable scale.

2) How have you been celebrating Pride Month?

I’ve been celebrating pride month by championing gay icons like Mariah Carey & Toni Braxton, as artists, they have always resonated with me from the very early stages of my childhood. The 90’s era has always been a main source of inspiration for me, from the music, to the fashion trends and even the values in which the creative industries held. I’ve also been using this time to appreciate just how much Ive accomplished and all the amazing people Ive since winning ‘Pride’s Got Talent last year at the Charing Cross Theatre:

3) Tell us a bit more about yourself and your recent achievements? 

My name is LaMont, I am a London based artist, doing things a little differently. Being someone who has never felt the pressure of adhering to the limitation of certain social norms, self-expression has always been something I’ve played with freely, allowing me to resonate with different cultures but not necessarily comply with all its traditions. I contribute an ultimate blend of soul class, sass and a cultural fusion of sounds and life experiences within the scene that is urban music. I recently landed a gig with Camion Scratch (The Digital Creation and Event Service) during my stay in Cannes for the ACM trip to MIDEM. It’s upon my arrival back into the UK, I performed at the Grade II listed West End’s own; Apollo Theatre, in Shaftesbury Avenue to close for the 2019 Prides Got Talent Music Final.

4) How are you getting on with your ACM course?

Having been a student on the professional performance – vocals course, it has been so insightful to all the skills required to be an A1 vocalist/session singer, tapping into all departments that this involves from band skills, improvisation, technique and theory, it has certainly been an educational high! that being said, it brings me great joy in revealing that I’ve made an official swap to the Business & Innovation course … call me crazy but the business side of the industry has always sparked a great passion in me. Artist management, creative industry entrepreneurship, marketing strategies and connected communities are just a small fraction of my interest within this sector of the industry, so I’m stoked to open this new chapter of my ACM journey come September!

5) What have you got planned over the next few months?

I have quite a lot going on in the next couple of months, I’ll be playing a few private members clubs i.e. hClub – 29th of June & The Century Club – 4th of July. I’ll be making an appearance on Flex FM for the infamous Howdoo show W/ hosts Sinitta & Avenoir CEO, Martin West on the 3rd of July. I will also be playing a few pride festivals with my band, including London Pride and Brighton Pride as well as a few others e.g. Croydon Pride. I plan to work closely with producers and other musicians to build a catalogue of music that will be a reflection of me and where I’m at currently in my life. I’ll also be getting involved in as many workshops and masterclasses tailored to my career as possible, building my knowledge around the industry, meeting fellow creatives, potential business partners and a broader network!

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