Stu Brootal

07 Mar 2017


Hip-Hop » Alternative » Rapper » Producer

Born in the UK and raised in Denton TX, Stu Brootal now lives in Guildford after returning to England in 2015.

Stu Brootal prides his music in originality and never bending to what is expected but instead pushes the limits of an unconventional sound by writing, producing and mixing all of his music.

Complex lyrical patterns and thoughtful words make for quite the journey through his mix tapes and original albums.

Before moving from Texas Stu Brootal was a finalist in DFW’s Master of The Mic competition but moved away before the final round.

Sharing stages with the likes of Kool Keith, DJ Q-Bert, Necro, B Dolan, Killah Priest and many more successful names Stu Brootal’s experience within the hip hop circuit definitely shows during his performances.

Brootal is one of the founders of DFW’s local record label Gitmo Music that won Best Local Label of the year in 2015.

A dark psychedelic inspired artist with zero tolerance for the mundane.


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