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Sophie & The Giants by Rob Blackham -
Sophie & The Giants by Rob Blackham –

Indie » Rock

Sophie and The GIANTS are an indie alternative band with edgy and euphoric vibes.

The band are indie rock, but in a peculiar way. Sophie’s lyrics lead the songs, which is a rare in local bands who often try and wow everyone with riffs and solos, and drown out the vocals whilst they’re at it (if they aren’t already indecipherable).

All tracks have killer hooks, but the way in which they’re delivered are strikingly different. Some tracks creep and stagger, while others are bona fide guitar driven pop tracks, like ‘Mind Slip’.


The pure fact that this early on in their career, they’re managing to write solid tracks that never falter, show that they are all dedicated to their craft and they all play their instruments magnificently and in no time they’ll have found their sound, and will be even more amazing than they already are. Faultless.

Written by Jasleen Dhindsa of thnksfrthrvw.