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Sleepy Folk is a captivating creative group of songwriters. The members of Sleepy Folk have come together from different corners of the world to create something beautiful. Amazingly colourful and textured music, deep and introspective as well as fun and playful. – Easy listening with a creative edge. Feel good vibes and deep emotions. Seeing and hearing them live is a truly inspirational experience.

The sound is influenced by a wide range of cultures and perspectives demonstrated in their unusual instrumentation choices. The music is deep and introspective as well as fun and playful. Drifty tunes with a punch. These colourful characters found each other while studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music on the Songwriting and Artist Development Degree course. Their personalities and talents naturally mixed into a technicolour team that is Sleepy Folk. Each member brings another shade and dimension to the art forming a glorious splash of harmonizing creativity.

EyĆ°i Horsdal and his gentle guitar melodies, soulful bluesy solos and tremendous musicianship, Eszter Mics brings beautifully arranged pieces with fun original subject matter along with her highly sensible touch on piano keys, Lara Collinge’s velvet soft voice and chilled ukulele playing leave a cozy but haunting tone within hyper imaginative songs, Wade Bearder provides a strange array of Beatbox sounds that gives the group a unique percussive and atmospheric element as well as a creative and original rapping style, Eva Perrin Fontana is a focussed writer with deep insight and highly relatable tunes that are always well performed. All this infuses together to create a cup of tea full of peace, love and positivity.