Sedu-Cet - ACM


17 Jan 2017



Hailing from Reading, Ed is a Music Producer and electronic artist, who delves deep into an alternative world of RnB and Hip Hop to create fresh original music that intrigue’s you and leaves you chilled to the slow ambient encounters and deep subs, hanging below the dreamy vocals that pour into his tracks.

Ed wants to bring pop hooks into a new sound, to push pop into a new area to give it more art, to give more emotion but at the same time being almost minimalist in structure and arrangement.

Ed plays guitar, sings and writes as well as learning his ways around the industry and how to produce, although his main inspirations for his creations are from acts like: XXYYXX, Shlohmo, Kendrick lamar.

A massive inspiration that lingers on most of his tracks is Jimi Hendrix with the emotional bleeds of the guitar strings which haunts his tracks. He creates a new path for himself in the world of Bedroom pop/Alt RnB.

Ed has done live nights, with his music being played with a mixture of electronic elements and live drums and guitar.

Working on collaborations with multiple rappers and singers give ed experience in recording artists.

As well as being versed in DAWs such as Logic and Ableton. Ed looks for talent that he believes are unique and something to be heard, these people are the ones that will push boundaries with him.

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