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Producer » Songwriter

After achieving a first in his Music Production degree, David (Rossie) has decided to work towards becoming a solo artist. Rossie has been striving for his own sound for the past 2 years and believes he has a place away from the noise. His main inspirations are Snail’s House, Tennyson and Skrillex.

From a young age, David took up learning the piano, getting up to grade 5. It was at grade 5, he decided to focus on music production and carry on teaching himself piano. After hating his A-levels it was then he wanted to strive for something he was going to enjoy. Originally, David formed a band at secondary school. After finding it difficult to rely on band members he discovered electronic music.

The release of all the new dubstep in 2011 led him to wanting to become an electronic artist. Skrillex is a big inspiration because of the way he pushed boundaries of electronic music to create his absurd sound (at the time). This is when electronic music became an obsession. Being brought up playing piano and listening to pop, his music taste drastically changed.

Now Rossie has finished university and is releasing a 4 track E.P, he is now looking for new opportunities. The release Entry E.P is now available on sellers and streamers. The E.P’s artwork represents how difficult it can be for artists to “make it” in the music business and if you get your foot in the door, you can still feel quite distant from everyone else.

Even though Rossie is “just another producer”, he strives to become an artist.

It was after university that David was unsure what to do with his music, he was thinking of living off producing/writing jobs online. It was only when he randomly encountered Zomboy that he decided to not give up on becoming an artist. It’s going to be hard, especially with amount of amazing producers/writers there are already, but he is determined not to give up. // Facebook // Twitter