Rory Scott

27 Jan 2016


Blues » Jazz » Soul

Rory Scott is a diverse Jazz- Soul songwriter from south London. He originally started writing when he was 11, playing drums, guitar and singing. He has since started playing piano and has been working on his craft ever since.

“ Rory is a really unique artist who delivers songs that draw you in with their charm, then reveal a haunting undertone. Listening to Rory’s music, you are reminded of what goes on behind the facade. There is darkness and light here. He’s carrying on from artist like Tom Waits & John Cale and adding his own poetry of being an artist in the modern world. ”

His recently recorded EP ‘Revenant’, produced by Alan D Boyd, is an introspective lyric driven work inspired by Nina Simone, Van Morison and The Kings of Leon to name a few.


With these recordings Rory is going to create an atmosphere around him within the music industry and gain some media and professional attention. He’s planning on a digital and physical release at a secret location at the end of march.
Rory also hopes to write for other artists and perform in the United Kingdom and all over the world.

He’s played countless times at The Troubadour in Earls Court, Prudential ride London and more recently Annie Terrazzo’s opening art exhibition to London fashion week.

He has also recorded his track ‘This Fever’ and a video at Metropolis Studios, to be released soon after the EP.

He’s currently planning his next recording.


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