Pacific Highway

22 Jan 2016


Music Composer » Songwriter » Producer

After many years of learning, practice and writing, Pacific Highway is finally releasing his debut album. It has been a long way.

Growing up, he studied music theory and percussions at the Conservatoire de Musique de Huy (Huy Conservatory of Music) beside his high school classes. He was lucky to meet professional musicians with whom he created a couple of bands and performed tens of times in the area, as a drummer.

After finishing high school in 2010, Pacific Highway left his bands and Belgium to go live in California. As he wanted to keep making music but was not able to take his drum kit with him in the plane, he started writing and producing his own songs on a computer, including Beyond Origins, featuring on his debut album. In California, he discovered the joys of living in another country, traveling, and being independent, with an old car he bought together with a couple of friends.


Driving on the north-south US Route 101, also called Pacific Highway, along the Pacific Ocean, the waves, the surfers and the beaches, this is where it all began. While music was Pacific Highway’s true passion, the artist was very well aware that making a living out of self-produced music was not realistic at the time. When he came back from America, he started a business degree at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, sacrificed his production time in favor of his studies and only released one or two songs per year.

As part of a study abroad program for which he was allocated a spot in Singapore, Pacific Highway discovered a new continent and a new passion for filming and directing music videos with the release of Beach, his first small success. From there, with only a backpack and a passport, he traveled for two months across South-East Asia, experiencing many new cultures. Inspired by his adventures, Pacific Highway produced and filmed On the Road, which was literally written on the road, in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

With a mind more and more aware of the beauty of culture differences, Pacific Highway came back to Europe and continued studying at Maastricht University.

At that time, he knew that he wanted to make an album, and that the album would tell the story of his adventures around the world. Pacific Highway was obsessed with his dream of working in the music industry, be it as an artist or behind the scenes as a music marketer in a record label. This is why he moved to the United Kingdom in September 2015 and decided to deepen his business knowledge by specializing in the music industry at the Academy of Contemporary Music. Helped by an environment entirely focused on music and its business, Pacific Highway completed an eight-track album called Around the World, clearly inspired by the many places he has been, the different people and cultures he encountered, and his growing interest for a world with a unique nation: Humanity.

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