07 Apr 2018


It all started at the age of 8 years, a time where life was so simple and innocent. Brian Alejandro discovered a tape which when he first played he was immediately hypnotised to its sound.

From the first hip-hop drum patter, the first fast rhyming words he wanted to learn how to fuse words and sentences together and flow to the beat that had once had him stuck to the cassette player. Rappers and MC’s influenced him around his neighbourhood in Colombia. Even though he went through tough times growing up, music was the only thing motivating him to move forward. From a young age he began an interest in instruments that lead him to learn how to play the piano.


At the age of ten he moved to the UK, where his interest and ambition for music grew even stronger. By the age of twelve he had already written lyrics of his own; hoping one day he would be able to use them. He began by using other artist’s instrumentals and making stories and songs in his head using past experiences. At the age of fourteen he got his first chance to record his first song called ‘Heart of Steel’, which was a basic story of his life up until then; what it was like to leave everything behind and move on to a whole new world.

The new experience of studio recording expanded his knowledge on professional Music making. This subsequently made him realise music was not just a fantasy anymore.

What used to be a hobby and a dream has become a passion which has influenced him to combine Latin American music with sounds and music from the UK.

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