15 Nov 2016


Singer / Songwriter » Pop

Mysti is a Singer Songwriter from the South-East of England.

With a strong interest in anything spooky, from the supernatural to the paranormal, Mysti adopted the nickname ‘Mystical Chick’ from her friends, which eventually became ‘Mysti’.

Writing songs since her early years, she is a self taught pianist and budding music producer.

Currently on a degree course for Music with the Academy of Contemporary Music, Mysti hopes to start her own record label and music school one day.

Mysti is currently recording her first album. With only 3 tracks left to produce, her first single ‘Running’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more online outlets, and her debut video can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Reverbnation & Beat100.
All of Mysti’s current material can also be found and purchased via her website.

Coming from a strong musical background, Mysti has a very unique sound. Influenced by her father’s love for classical orchestral music, and her mother’s love for Doris Day and Karen Carpenter, mixed in with her own childhood inspirations of the 1990’s, Mysti has unintentionally created a new genre of ‘Musical pop’ with her debut album, whilst with her next album, she wants to experiment further with power ballads and dub-step… perhaps another new genre is on it’s way!

Check her out and ‘Get Mystical!’

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