Mountfield - ACM


12 May 2017


Indie » Folk » Rock

Mountfield are an Indie Folk / Rock duo based in Brighton. They are inspired by bands such as Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, Bear’s Den, Ed Sheeran, Oasis and Fleetwood Mac.

Their original music is exciting, powerful and emotional, featuring gripping vocals, captivating harmonies, melodic bass lines, soaring guitar riffs and unique rhythmic ideas.

Mountfield started in 2015 by brothers David and Robbie Burnage. With Rob originally on drums, the brothers worked with various bassists before taking a step away from a full band to become an acoustic duo. They’ve released two singles so far; “Scared” and “All You Live For”, which were recorded by Ollie Moor. Ollie and David held a strong working relationship, also having recorded at Metropolis studios together.

In 2017, Rob took a step away from the band due to work commitments, however Rob is still heavily involved in the project, recording, performance, and songwriting. David is often joined by musicians for live performance and has recently began working with Ableton for live performance.

Mountfield are currently recording an EP, due for release this summer and is being recorded and mixed by James Jenkins. // Facebook

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