06 Apr 2016


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“…fierce and pounding like a post-festival hangover” – Poptimes Magazine

MoCara are a band from Leatherhead in Surrey, renowned for their exciting and engaging live performances and their passionate blend of rock, reggae and blues.

In the past few years, that unique MoCara sound has been immortalised on a number of critically-acclaimed recordings (most recently the genre-defying debut LP ‘Twist My Mind’) and has earned the band a strong live following in London and the South East.

“…more than enough spirit to earn them the badge of festival friendliness.” –

From their scrappy beginnings right through to the present day, the band have never wished to be pigeonholed: They believe in constant reinvention, on record as well as onstage, and prefer to throw spanners into their own work rather than let it be shelved neatly.

“… Quite an array to throw into the musical blender but what comes out the other end is MoCara, unique and simply a breath of fresh air.”

MoCara have humbly worked with (and been undeniably improved by) respected producers Daly George and James Bragg, and have played some of their most enjoyable gigs to date with bands such as: The UK Subs, The Toasters, The Skints, Dreadzone, Radical Dance Faction, Bite The Buffalo, Drones, Tree House Fire, T//Alan, JB Conspiracy, Captain Accident & The Disasters, The Pisdicables, Jake and The Jellyfish and The WitchDokters to name but a few.

“…it’s nice to know that there are quality bands such as MoCara ready to step up and fill some big shoes.” – The Punk Archive

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