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Mica Jane

11 Aug 2017


Indie » Folk

Mica Jane is an Indie Folk singer songwriter.

Her culturally mixed background has inspired her to write music that infuses the different walks of life.

Although the core of her music is Folk, there are hints of Reggae in the charismatic bass lines played fantastically by Adrian Foulkes and some African and Indie Rock inspired beats and grooves from the exceptional drummer, Reiss Hemming.

With very lyric driven songs, Mica loves being able to share with people the things that she experiences and witnesses. Music for her has become a living diary.

Each song is a reflection of a certain time in her life and the lives around her, surrounded by melodies that intrigue and capture peoples imaginations.

Mica Jane’s music is there to enjoy and to be emotionally awoken by; to put vibrancy into the world.

MicaJaneMusic.co.uk // Facebook

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