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Hybrid Folk

In 2016, Melatti Braam left her little Dutch town for England to strengthen her songwriter skills at the Academy Of Contemporary Music. A flourishing collective arose unexpectedly. Melatti writes personal lyrics that resonate with your deepest emotions. MARDHYS is a modern interpretation of Folk music, in which many influences from different cultures come together in one art form and that is why they coined the term: Hybrid Folk.

In a short period of time they got off to a flying start in their town of origin, Guildford, with two sold-out headliner shows. They played Always The Sun festival and followed it with a sold-out show alongside singer-songwriter Frank Turner. They started participating in the UK festival scene, including Victorious Festival in Portsmouth. In August ’17 they released their first single ‘Jasmine’ which was recorded at London’s renowned studio Metropolis and mastered at the famous Abbey Road studio. Their new and refreshing sound has been received with full enthusiasm by audiences. Come listen and drift off into another world!

“MARDHYS tells unusual and mysterious folk tales with atmosphere, energy, rhythm and enchanting harmonies. They take you on a journey into the long forgotten dark woods and leave you wondering how you will find your way home.” – Simon Gogerly, Grammy Award winning producer