26 Jan 2016


Soul » Blues » Pop » Jazz

It all started on August 5th 1995.

A few years later, the music began. Andrews Dad, a keen pianist, introduced him to his world of music.

Soon his Dad had enlightened him to almost every 60’s, 70’s and 80’s tune imaginable.
Then the stage awaited…at the age of 5, Andrew had his first ‘gig’. A caravan holiday talent competition. He stumbled (literally) his way through Don Mclean’s ‘American Pie’.

Once the press had calmed down and he had claimed my overwhelming 1st prize of a free meal at the pretty grim holiday park café, Andrew set his sights on the next musical project.

He decided that the annual holiday park talent competition had gone too far when his Mum convinced him to do a full Elvis Presley outfit…tight trousers and side burns included.

Andrew wrote his first song at 12, most of the song has been erased from his memory to save his dignity… but he seems to recall the opening line going a little something like this:

‘Why cant we all just be friends, friends are important, this song is hard to write because my pencil bends’.

It wasn’t a hit.

After college Andrew decided to flee London for some Australian sunshine.
During his time in Australia he lived and worked for the ‘Landa’ family.
Most evenings were spent at the piano, writing songs for the kids before bed time.

It was with the family in Oz that he decided music was what he had to do. And so he booked his flights back home to London, which brings him to where and who he is now – LANDA.

An artist creating an electronic blend of Soul, Blues and pop.


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